December 1, 2016
Rubah Di Selatan
Rubah Di Selatan
Producer: Rubah Di Selatan
Number of discs: 1

This song was born when we heard one of Javanese’s Local Wisdom. ‘Sopo gawe nganggo, sopo nandur ngunduh’ which means Who makes sure will wear, who planted will certainly reap the rewards. While life just like water, so pure and honest.


I saw roses in your hand
I felt blood that I hold
Something was shining under moon
Said the darkness overcomeYou slept under bed
Let the nightmare cover me
Sometimes blessing come with 2 faces
Sometimes Shining, sometimes Raining

The words You spew
Coming back to sew up your mouth
They say what You plant is what you reap
You keep water silently
You shared it so greedily
And you feel better wheb they feel Bitter

There’s always haunt you from away
To see what you’ve done
Then you try to be a king
Between the wasted man
Just empty and dark space you’ve got
There is no time for you to go


released 2016
Produced by Rubah di Selatan
All songs written by Mallindazky, arranged by Rubah di Selatan
Cover Concept by Gilang Pultn


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