100th Episode NORRM Radio

December 15, 2018
4:00 PM
Jl. Gudang Selatan No.22 Bandung
Spasial, Bandung
Rubah di Selatan
100th Episode NORRM Radio

Norrm Radio has already reached its 100th show! It’s been a remarkable ride of showcasing local talents and sharing the music that carries their visions and messages.

This 100th edition of our show has great meaning for us. The number 1 speaks of independence, responsibility, priority, and our achievement of making it to the number 100 on our own, while the number 0 represents openness, wholeness, comprehensiveness, and the idea of infinite possibilities.

Combining both numbers, 100 can be seen as a virtually unlimited number 1. For us, it means that we have a big responsibility in leadership of an infinite number of opportunities.

To celebrate this, we will be having an exhibition of our show on Radio 80000 (Munich, Germany). They have the same vision as us — to spread messages that create new possibilities in terms of collaboration, so as to create a healthy network of potential.

We’ve invited renowned local musicians such as Fisika Matematika, Rubah di Selatan, Ffonz, Wahono and Egga to join us in celebration of the 100th episode of Norrm radio. Join us as they take over the radio on December 15th, 2018 at Spasial Bandung from 16.00 until 23.00. Join us throughout the day!
We’ll be streaming this live on Norrm Radio, the show will be recorded by @musikatalog and the event is generously supported by @siasatpartikelir.
On the spot ticket IDR. 20k | Registration via siasatpartikelir.com or hit link in Our bio | Stream through radio.norrm.com

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